Enjoying A Bottle Of Scotch Whisky

here’s re many occasions that call for a celebration. It is customary to celebrate with a bottle of Scotch whisky m a standard not the of Scotch whisky has about 200 to 400 ml of liquor. Some bottles are larger and contain more liquor. The standard size is of 300 ml and it is the most commonly available version. Different brands serve Scotch whisky. A typical bottle of Scotch whisky is five to six years old. The bottle itself is made of glass or another similar material. Glass is similar to silica in chemical composition. Both glass and silica have the same chemical formula. Glass is a refined form of silicon dioxide. Silicone dioxide has one atom of silicon and two atoms of oxygen. Go here for more information about boutique wines. 

The atoms are fused together with covalent bonds. Most whisky bottles are made of green glass. Glass in it’s natural form is colourless. Sometimes it has a pale yellow hue to it. But in most whisky bottle the hue is taken out. Most whisky bottles are either green or colourless. It is rare to find a scotch whisky bottle that is of another colour than green. Yellow Scotch bottles are also found but are very uncommon. The colour of the bottle signifies the quality of the scotch whisky. The darker the bottle, the better the scotch whisky contained in it. The darkest bottles are of the highest quality and fetch the highest price. Most scotch bottles are priced between ten to twenty dollars a piece. Some are less expensive and cost five to seven dollars each.

Most people buy dark coloured bottles because of their quality. Those who cannot afford good quality scotch whisky often end up buying the lower quality brew. The lower quality bottles do not have the same taste or quality. The shelf life of low quality scotch whisky is very short. It can last for five to ten days at room temperature in the kitchen. It is best to store scotch whisky away from heat and sunlit spaces. It can be safely stored in dark spaces such as cupboards and cabinets. 

A good blend of Scotch can last for up to five to six days. This is the storage time in room temperature. In the fridge or freezer, it can last for seven to eight days. It is advisable to keep in in the fridge. Doing so has many benefits. The shelf life of the scotch whisky is increased dramatically. It can be stored for weeks on end without the liquor getting spoiled. It can be stored in other places such as a cellar. Cellars have the right temperature to store brew such as scotch whisky. Scotch whisky can last for up to seven to eight weeks if stored properly.